Intra-community (VAT-free) deliveries for business customers in the EU.
If you provide a valid VAT number on the checkout page (after automatic check with VIES), no VAT is due and the order amount will be exclusive of VAT. 

VIES check failed
If the VIES verification fails on the checkout page, VAT will still be charged. In that case, we request that you transfer the total amount. (incl VAT)
We then carry out the check manually and then adjust the order. You will receive an adjusted invoice without VAT and the VAT amount will be refunded by us.  

Guest account:
When you have paid with a "Guest account" we will convert this to a "Customer account".
You will receive an email with the login details.
If you log in with these details for future orders, VAT will no longer be charged and the prices on our site are stated excluding VAT.

Linking account VAT-free after registration:
If you want to register a VAT-free account before ordering, we request that you register with a valid VAT number and send an email with the request to link the account as VAT-free.
After checking, we will adjust the account and VAT will no longer be charged (after login). All prices are also stated without VAT.

Other levies and taxes:
For business/intra-community transactions, all legally required (environmental) levies that apply in the country of sale are the responsibility of the buyer.