Warranty period.
The Batterijservice warranty period corresponds to the manufacturer's warranty period.


Warranty determination (rechargeable) batteries, accumulators and battery packs.
Warranty on (rechargeable) batteries, accumulators or battery packs applies when:
A (rechargeable) battery, battery or battery pack is defective immediately upon receipt or when a rechargeable battery, battery or battery pack no longer works or no longer charges within 30 days after the 1st use.

The warranty on (rechargeable) batteries, accumulators or battery packs does not apply when:
The performance, usage or lifespan does not meet expectations.
These are highly dependent on the type of application, method of use, storage and ambient temperature.
Battery Service can never be held liable for the performance that the manufacturer communicates on packaging or advertising.
The defects are wholly or partly the result of incorrect, improper or careless use, intentional damage or neglected care and/or maintenance.
The warranty claim also lapses if persons other than Battery Service have carried out repairs or other work on the product without the permission of Battery Service.
Cells are edited, installed or processed in a product by means of soldering, spot welding, etc


Additional determination for Li-Ion batteries/battery packs.
Li-ION batteries or battery packs (18650, 18500, 21700, 26650, etc.) must be handled with the utmost care and knowledge to avoid dangerous situations. The warranty on these cells or packs only applies to DOA (dead on arrival), so-called "0" volt cells, or damaged cells immediately after receipt before first use.
From the first use, any form of warranty and/or liability expires.
Battery Service is never liable for damage caused by the use of Li-ION cells in any way. If you receive damaged cells, please do not use them and contact us immediately.


Additional determination for lead-acid batteries.
The lifespan of a (maintenance-free) lead-acid battery is highly dependent on the method of use, charging, storage and maintenance when not in use. If a lead-acid battery is not used for a longer period of time, it should be stored at least 80% charged and unloaded. By means of maintenance (periodic charging).
to prevent the voltage from becoming too low. If the voltage is too low, irreparable damage can occur to the battery.
The warranty on lead-acid batteries only applies if it is defective immediately upon receipt or if it functions almost or nothing and/or no longer charges within 30 days after the 1st use.


The customer is at all times responsible for checking after receipt of the products before use, placement, processing or installation and for the correct use of the purchased products.
Battery Service Netherlands is never liable for any (consequential) damage caused by incorrect use. Any liability is limited exclusively to the products supplied by us.
Although we provide our advice, goods and the work to be carried out to the best of our knowledge, we accept no liability for any damage caused by, during or as a result of use of the product by the buyer/client or (end) user.

More information about warranty and liability can be found in our general terms and conditions.