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Batterijservice Nederland
Burg. Krollaan 21 A
5707 BA Helmond

Phone +31 (0)85 1308 266
Mon / Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday closed.
Pickup is available Mon, Friday : between 08:30 and 16:30. Tuesday, wednesday, thursday between 13:00 and 16:30


As a consumer or business you can order directly online.

Sign permitted, but not required.
Benefits of registration include:
Requesting the current status of your order.
Retrieve your order history.
If desired to be kept informed of offers.
Payment "on account" is not available to individuals.

Institutions / Companies / Retailers:
You can directly online, by email, phone or fax ordering.
Payment "on account" is possible after registration on our website and upon receipt by us of a recent Chamber of Commerce extract and signed order confirmation.
There is always preceded done a credit check. Delivery at the first order can thus be delayed. This also depends on the speed with which you send us the correct documents.

Want to become a retailer of our products?
After getting approval from us a retail account and access to our retail price list.
Activating a retail account usually takes 1 to 2 working days.

Warranty and return policy

All our products come with the standard manufacturer's warranty.

The guarantee does not apply if the defects are wholly or partly caused by incorrect, improper or careless use.
If the product after inspection by our technical service proves to be defective will be dependent on the costs incurred research costs will be charged.

The shipping costs for all products which are returned to us for whatever reason, come in 1st instance be borne by the customer. (Except DOA)
Any compensation for the incurred costs shall be returned according to our terms and conditions as specified under "return policy"

The customer is at all times responsible for damage or loss of products arising during transport to

Insufficient or unstamped shipments will not be accepted by us.
Returns without or not completely filled out RMA form will not be processed by us.

If under warranty another or repaired product is re-sent to the customer, the shipping costs of the guarantee delivery on behalf of

Additional provisions:

Deviating warranty applies to the following products:

Lead-acid batteries, emergency lighting batteries, Custom battery packs, rechargeable (indus material) cells and pack programs,

Batteries for hand and garden tools (power tools), vacuum cleaners and electric bicycles. (E-bikes)

1. DOA (defect on arrival): 100% exchange warranty / return and shipping for

2. Defective <90dagen after delivery: 100% exchange warranty / return costs for customers, shipping

3. Defect <180 days after delivery: 75% exchange warranty / return and shipping for consumers

4. Defect <360 days after delivery: 50% exchange warranty / return and shipping for consumers

Return Policy

In case the customer wants to return his order, he must first of all make telephone or e-mail report this to the customer service. After consultation you will receive an RMA form.

The consumer shall, within one week of the date of the RMA form having returned the order.
Once we will have received the defective product within 3 working days, we test the products and assess the stated problem (s).
If the product is defective, we will replace the defective product when the product is no longer available we replace the defective product for an equivalent alternative.
When the deliverytime of the replacement product is not acceptable, you will receive a discount voucher for our store.

Returns must be sufficiently stamped, tightly packed and labeled a to be completed RMA form sent to:

Burg. Krollaan 21 A
5707 BA Helmond
Returns that are not within one week of the date of or without the RMA form received by us will no longer be processed, exchanged and / or credited,

Returned products that fall within the right of withdrawal need to be in the original packaging and undamaged and unused.

(1) Terms of compensation return-shipping:
The cost of returning products that fall within the right of withdrawal of the guarantee period, are always borne by the sender. (Customer)

Made return-shipping costs are not compensated if:

Product (s) are damaged by improper use or out of warranty.
Products in assessment does not appear to be defective.
Already (previously) charged postage.
For returns after 30 days from the shippingdate.

When a product is defective upon receipt (DOA) or within one month after the show uitleverdatum defects, we will reimburse under (1) above the return-shipping costs incurred.
(standard shipping / maximum 6,75euro) is not liable for damages or loss of products which have arisen during the transport of returns.

Law remote buying

According to the law there from remote buying occurs when consumer and the seller have not seen each when purchasing.
The law includes requirements for the supplier to provide consumers in distance contracts timely and sufficient information.
The consumer cooling-off period and the right to terminate the contract within the cooling-off period. The law gives consumers better protection from demands for payment for goods ordered and gives more protection against aggressive selling techniques.

The following major enhancements in respect of the rights of consumers are buying remotely read in the law:

Consumers are entitled to a cooling off period of seven working days after delivery of the product. They may cancel the agreement within that period, while only the postage for the return payable. The seller may not charge administration costs. The seller may have extra conditions for the returning of goods.
When the seller has financed the product, for example by providing a loan, the financing agreement is automatically terminated if the consumer uses the cooling period.
If the consumer returns the product within the agreed period, the seller is required within 30 days to repay the amount paid.

The cooling-off period does not apply in the following cases:

Purchases made specially to order, are made (such as certain American refrigerators).
CDs, videos and CD-ROMs whose seal is broken.

The additional obligations of the seller are determined as follows:
The seller must provide the following information for consumers to buy ring:

operating data (identity)
characteristics of the product (this assist each product),
price (printed on each product)
method of payment
mode of delivery
the validity of an offer or the price
This information is through the links found on our website and in the products. doing everything to be as good as possible via the website, however if you have any questions about a product or our services please contact us by phone or by e-mail.

Retailers and Businesses

For retailers in the retail sector, it is possible for us an entirely industry-specific store presentation to be set up.
Under certain conditions we propose free shop / display material available and it is possible to be held a tryout for an agreed period and under certain conditions with the full right of return of the products supplied by us.
As a retailer you benefit from our attractive retail prices.

Would you give an extra boost to your sales in batteries, chargers, pocket or energy saving lamps with excellent profit margin and highly flexible terms?

For a personal advice contact our sales department and we will inform you (free of charge) about the possibilities!

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For enterprises, institutions, hospitals, etc. which regularly taking the same products we use attractive volume discounts or project pricing. Do not hesitate to contact us for a customized quote!